New and Noteworthy Spirit Additions to our portfolio!

You may already be familiar with some of the spirits we have come to offer such as the Mikkeller spirits and our selection from Pacific Edge, including Springbank, AD Rattray, and Longrow, among other. But what you may not know is that our spirit list has been growing over the past few months!  The Wine Brothers is proud to offer Whiskeys and Bourbons from King’s County Distilleries located in Brooklyn, New York, and Taconic Distillery which hails from Dutchess County located in the Hudson Valley, New York.

King’s County started out in 2010 as one of the smallest commercial distilleries in the entire country with only five 24-liter stainless steel stills in 325 square foot room. After two years they moved from East Williamsburg into the Paymaster Building located in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, a close neighbor to the site of the legendary Brooklyn Whiskey Wars of the 1860s.  Their Whiskey is made using  New York corn located at a small farm onsite and traditional distilling equipment such as copper whiskey stills fabricated in Scotland and wooden fermenters built locally by Isseks Brothers.  This Distillery is a model of sustainable and traditional whiskey production having gone on to win several awards such as Distillery of the Year in 2016 from the American Distilling Institute.  Check out what we have in stock by asking your sales rep!

Taconic Distillery truly embraces a passion for the outdoors and freely celebrates our country’s history, its ancestors and the wilderness they discovered.  Created by avid outdoorsmen and women, Taconic Distillery was officially established in August 2016. The natural spring water and corn fields located on their Rolling Hills Farm in Stanfordville, NY became the inspiration for the distillery’s first step into the local agribusiness. In order to preserve the complete flavor of their whiskey, Taconic Distillery does not chill filter any of their spirits; this process may allow the whiskey’s to show some ‘cloudiness’ and is proof that they have imparted as much flavor into their whiskey as possible. Aside from carrying Taconic’s spirits, we also are proud to sell their barrel bourbon aged maple syrup which is a delicious addition to pancakes or cocktails! Ask your sales rep for a list of what's in stock!