Francesco Rinaldi Grignolino D'Asti 2018

I was lucky enough to visit Piedmont, Valtellina, Boca and Botocino last year as a guest of Artisan Wines. Whilst in Barolo we tasted at Francesco Rinaldi (one of the first producers in the region) and the winery and wines were breathtaking. There’s so much history and experience and it certainly comes through it in the quality of the winemaking.


We tasted through Barbera, Nebbiolo D’Alba and three Barolo and were incredibly impressed by the wines and the general aura of the small, elegant winery. Just before we left we asked about their Grignolino as it was something we hadn’t been shown from any other producer during our visit. We were told it had only just been bottled and wasn’t at the winery but at their location in the downtown area. We were still intrigued and the owner of Artisan Wines, Rob Mackin, politely pressed them as to whether we might make the 30 minute detour to try and grab a couple of sample bottles for us to taste during dinner that evening.  Francesco Rinaldi’s great-grand daughter, Paola agreed and we said our goodbyes and thank yous and headed off to track down their Grignolino.

After picking them up we packed them safely in the car and headed off to our next stop..... At dinner we opened the wine, poured it into glasses, and admired the color. A silence fell upon the group and we began to taste. Without doubt the very best Grignolino any of us have ever tasted (only the third for me at the time but four more since then!!) and we all agreed Rob had his work cut out trying to persuade them to offer some to the US.

Roll on 15 months later and 15 cases of Francesco Rinaldi Grignolino 2018 lands in Rhode Island. I popped a bottle immediately and was equally as impressed as I remember being trying the 2017. This is a fantastic opportunity to sell/drink wine in the same style as their Barolo but a fraction of the price..... Just like the Peleverga from Fratelli Alessandria!!

Steven Wynn

Owner, Wine Bros